Information Pack 2022

Team Nomination 2022


Mark your calendar! The Murri Carnival – Abf/DC is back for 2022 from Tuesday, 27 September to Sunday, 2 October!
Come support your Mob at the Redcliffe Dolphins Moreton Daily Stadium as teams go head-to-head to become Murri Carnival champs.

The Arthur Beetson Foundation (ABF) will celebrate over 10 years of the ABF QAIHC Queensland Murri Carnival (QMC), by expanding its rugby league pathways to include all underage divisions.

A blockbuster six-day rugby league format at Redcliffe Dolphins Moreton Daily Stadium, Klinger Rd and Ashmole Rd from September 27th to 2nd October 2022.

All junior grades will by vying for Queensland Merit Team honours, following a ‘Possibles v Probables’ selection format.

The Carnival is much more than Rugby League as it also has a major focus on Health Vocation and Education. The Carnival will be a smoke drug alcohol and sugar free event and all players have to complete a “Health Check” as a requirement to participate and in addition junior players must have attended school 90% of time.

 The Chair of the ABF Steven Johnson said the great man would be very proud to see the Carnival that he helped Tony Currie start reach the level that it has. The QMC was never started to be just about the game Johnson added but enriching lives and when we lost Arthur it was important we didn’t lose the affect he had on some so many people; the QMC does that.

About The Arthur Beetson Foundation (ABF)

Arthur Beetson was a great Australian. Arthur was the first Indigenous Australian to captain his country and is one of the eight Immortals of the game of Rugby League. Arthur’s life work was about helping young Australians, particularly Indigenous Australians, achieve better life outcomes in the key areas of health, education and welfare. On Arthur’s passing, in conjunction with his sons, the ABF was established so that we may live his legacy and continue the remarkable work that he did. The ABF was appointed by the Qld Rugby League to conduct the Murri Carnival and uses the Carnival with the help of strategic partners like the IUIH and its Deadly Choices programme to engage the community to empower Indigenous Australians for better outcomes in health, education, sport, employment and business development.